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About the Commerative and Advertising Items

The Commemorative Items, or what is usually called "Commemorative and Advertising Items", is not a line. Items found in this category consist of custom made Advertising pieces McCoy made for various customers through the years. Items include banks, breweries, even the GOP, and of course items made specifically for Swank.

It is not unusual to find a Mark on many of these pieces, though not all were marked. Advertising pieces are quite rare, but not impossible to find. Many were given out by banks to customers, larger companies such as breweries would have given them to employees, and so on.

The pieces listed here were made for various companies, by McCoy Pottery. To see the complete listing of known items made for Swank Mens Product Co. click here.


NOTE: We have amassed a collection of images of many of the known Commerative and Advertising Items pieces below, however we are always looking for more. If you know of one that is not listed, please let us know by contacting us at

Commerative and Advertising Items Listing

Unipet, bell in lid, Produced in ?

Roseville Floraline FTD, W. Fair Convention 1964, Produced in 1964

Flowers by phone are faster, and always in season, Produced in 1964

Kansas State, decanter, Produced in ?

Doc Safety, , Produced in ?

Teletype, pencil holder, Produced in ?

Lorena Bicentennial, Project of Zanesville Area Chamber of Commerce 1976, Produced in 1976

Coffee, D.O.M., Produced in ?

U.S.P., 150th Anniversary, Produced in ?

Coricidin, Galen 131-201 A.D., Produced in ?

Secundum Ariem, , Produced in ?

Hall of Education, NYWF, Produced in 1965

Experimental Piece, , Not produced

Keep in Touch, by phone, Produced in ?

Penn Council Rep. Women, , Produced in ?

Schering, Your feet must last a lifetime, Produced in ?

Victory depends on you, I cant' do it alone, Produced in ?

Hrump, Richard Nixon Mug, Produced in 1971

Harry Truman, presidential plate, Not produced

Louis Armstrong, July 4, 1900-1971, Produced in 1971

Blended Scotch, Whiskey for Seagrams, Produced in ?

Liquor Pitcher, , Produced in ?

Old Crow Distillery, , Produced in ?

God Bless America, 1776-1976, Produced in 1976

Our American Heritage, , Produced in 1976  

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