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A century of Pottery. W. Nelson McCoy Pottery, J.W. McCoy Pottery Company, Brush McCoy Pottery.

Lancaster Colony In 1974 David Chase, owner of McCoy Pottery (Mt. Clemens Pottery), sold the company to Lancaster Colony Corporation. Lancaster Colony Corporation was a large multi-manufacturing company with 33 presidents reporting to one man. One of those presidents was again, Nelson McCoy, president of what was now called Nelson McCoy Pottery along with the initials LCC which were added to the logo denoting the Lancaster Colony Corporation.

Circa 1974
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As time went on, the house wares business became less profitable. Lancaster Colony eventually sold the McCoy Pottery division to Designer Accents in 1985. Little production continued. Mainly Cookie Jars, novelty items and a few special orders were produced. By 1990 demand had fallen such that Designer Accents closed the doors on a Century of Pottery History.

As for Nelson McCoy, he and his wife Billie left the company while still under control of Lancaster Colony Corporation in 1981. They eventually started their own company called McCoy Limited. Instead of producing pottery in the traditional way that McCoy had done for a century, they contracted their designs out to other pottery companies for production. Along with the design, all sales and marketing was done by both Nelson and Billie, who continue today to produce McCoy Pottery items under the new label of "The McCoy Pottery Collection."

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