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Request For Permission to Use McCoyPottery.Com Brand Features

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Be sure to include:

  • The exact name and title of the organization and/or person requesting permission and contact information including e-mail, phone, fax, and mailing address. If the person submitting the request is not the ultimate user of the Brand Features, please let us know that and include all required information for both the requestor and the end user.
  • A layout or other sample that clearly shows how the McCoyPottery.Com Brand Features will be used.
  • Information for the materials in which the Brand Features will be used. This includes the following:
    • Type of media (e.g., book, web site, video, etc)URL for the medium if the medium is a web site -- the title otherwiseDetailed description of the nature and content of the materials How the materials will be distributed (including geographic locations, number of copies, timeframe, etc)
    • Name of all authors and editors for the materials

I acknowledge that I have reviewed the McCoyPottery.Com Brand Features Guidelines and the McCoyPottery.Com Brand Features Terms and Conditions, which are hereby incorporated by reference, and which I and my organization agree will exclusively govern any use of the McCoyPottery.Com Brand Features pursuant to this request.

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