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National Cookie Jar Show
Nashville, TN. May 2 and 3, 1998

McCoy Pottery Online and The CookieJar Store attended The 5th Annual National Cookie Jar Show this year and report a smashing (no pun intended) success.

This years show featured approximately 50 collectors, venders, and enthusiasts, as well as Cyber Collectors who viewed and purchased many of the jars on display. There were collectible jars for sale ranging from pottery companies such as McCoy, Brush, American Bisque, Regal, Twin Winton, and Metlox just to name a few. Also on display were new limited edition releases such as the King Lion by Don Winton of Twin Winton Pottery and the Cookie Chef (South Park) by Austin Curtis.

Don and Norma Winton

A real treat to cookie jar collectors was the feature of Don Winton working on a new sculpture and on display were many of the original sketches he did for various jars over the years. These sketches themselves are of collector value. Don autographed books on his life and works as well as signing jars.

A new item this year was an evening banquet attended by 61 Cyber Collectors and the guest speakers Don and Norma Winton were a special treat. This will surely become an annual part of the show!

The shows success can be seen in the faces of these two attendees who cart away their prize purchases.

The Mining Company was represented by Barbara Crews who is a cookie jar enthusiast and we thank her for organizing the Special Banquet. A report and additional photos of the how can be seen at the following link


Click here to view more images from the Show and Banquet


All photos taken by Terry Kinsey ©

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