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A century of Pottery. W. Nelson McCoy Pottery, J.W. McCoy Pottery Company, Brush McCoy Pottery.


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McCoyPottery.Com Trademarks

Guidelines for Third Party Use of McCoyPottery.Com's Trademarks

Trademarks are important business assets that can diminish in value if they are not used correctly. This guide provides some basic information about trademarks and offers specifics on how to properly use the trademarks that belong to McCoyPottery.Com.

If you are a licensee, please refer to your agreement with McCoyPottery.Com for any additional requirements.

Trademark Basics

What is a trademark?

A trademark is a word, name, symbol or device (or a combination thereof) that identifies the goods or services of a person or company and distinguishes them from the goods and services of others. A trademark assures consumers of consistent quality with respect to those goods or services and aids in their promotion.

Why is it important to use marks correctly?

Rights to a trademark can last indefinitely if the owner continues to use the mark to identify its goods and services. If trademarks are not used properly, they may be lost and one of the company's most important assets may lose all of its value. Rights may be lost not only because of a trademark owner's improper use of the mark, but through improper use of the trademark by the public.

Rules for Proper Trademark Usage:

  • Distinguish the trademark from the surrounding text in some way. Capitalize the first letter, CAPITALIZE or italicize the entire mark, place the mark in quotes, use a different type style or font for the mark than for the generic name. Use the trademark ONLY as an adjective, NEVER as a noun or verb, and NEVER in the plural or possessive form. Use a generic term following the mark, for example: McCoyPottery.Com search engine, McCoyPottery.Com search, McCoyPottery.Com web search. NEVER modify a mark, for example, through hyphenation, combination or abbreviation, such as: McCoyaliscious, McCoyoy, McCoyPotterymania Normally, an unregistered mark should be followed by the superscripted letters TM or SM to give notice that the company claims trademark rights in the term. A registered trademark should be followed by the symbol ® to identify the term as a registered trademark. In advertising copy, notice of trademark rights may be provided in a footnote format – e.g., by placing an asterisk adjacent to the mark and placing an appropriate notice at the bottom of the page on which the asterisk appears. Example: *McCoyPottery.Com is a trademark of McCoyPottery.Com Online Services.
  • Trademark rights vary from country to country. Some countries have severe criminal and civil penalties for improper use of the registration symbol. Therefore, do not use the registration symbol (®) in countries where the mark has not been registered.

Using McCoyPottery.Com's Trademarks

You may use the McCoyPottery.Com trademarks to refer to McCoyPottery.Com's products and services, so long as the references are truthful, fair and not misleading, and only where your use complies with the following guidelines:

  • Follow the Rules for Proper Trademark Usage Use the appropriate trademark symbol and acknowledgement of McCoyPottery.Com's ownership of the marks (e.g., McCoyPottery.Com™ is a trademark of McCoyPottery.Com Inc.) Do not incorporate McCoyPottery.Com trademarks or logos into your own product name, service names, trademarks, logos, or company names Do not adopt marks or logos that are confusingly similar to McCoyPottery.Com's marks and logos Do not use McCoyPottery.Com's trademarks or logos in a manner that would disparage McCoyPottery.Com or its products or services. Use only McCoyPottery.Com-approved artwork when using McCoyPottery.Com's logos. Do not make any changes or modifications to the logos. If you are using a McCoyPottery.Com logo on a web page, there must exist a minimum spacing of 25 pixels between each side of the logo and other graphic or textual elements on the web page.
  • If there is any question about usage, requests for clarification or permission may be submitted through the process outlined at:

McCoyPottery.Com Trademarks and Acceptable Generic Terms


  • McCoyPottery.Com™
  • McCoyPottery.Net™
  • McCoyPottery.Org™
  • McCoyPottery.Biz™
  • McCoyPottery.Info™
  • CookieJarStore.Com™
  • McCoy Cookie Jar Store ™
  • Search McCoyPottery.Com™
  • Search Engine McCoyPottery.Com™
  • McCoyPottery.Com Image Search™
  • Forums.McCoyPottery.Com ™
  • McCoyPottery.Com News™
  • McCoyPottery.Com Store™
  • McCoyPottery.Com Toolbar™
  • McCoy Pottery™
  • McCoy Auctions™
  • McCoy Chat ™
  • McCoy Forums™
  • McCoy Books ™
  • McCoy eMail ™
  • McCoyPottery.Com Email ™
  • eMcCoy™
  • McCoyPottery Online ™
  • McCoy Pottery Online ™
  • McCoy Online ™
    McCoyPottery Mark ™
  • McCoy Pottery Mark ™
  • McCoy Mark ™
  • McCoy Pottery History™
  • McCoy History ™


  • Where McCoy Lovers Come Together ™
  • – slogan used in connection with McCoyPottery.Com's forums, chat, aucstions and other subscriber based services.

Special Requirements for Use of Logos

McCoyPottery.Com's logos may be used only by permission. Please see http://www.McCoyPottery.Com/permissions/ for information and a permission request form.


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