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Welcome to the McCoy Pottery Online's Cookie Jar Index. The following list is comprised of McCoy Cookie Jars dating from the Late 30's to Present day. Each Cookie Jar is listed by year, not by "Number". You can browse the Index, or click here for a page by page look at each cookie jar in order. Some of the most prolific and collectible pieces McCoy created were cookie jars! They are wildly popular and ever increasing in value.


Index of COOKIE JARS - descriptions and dates of manufacture
(This listing is by year, not number.)


#2, Concave Shape, Yellow clay, floral decoration., Produced in the mid '30s hey

#1, Ball Shape, Honey comb design on heavy pottery., Produced in the late '30s hey

#3, Old Milk Can Shape, tall, hand decorated, molded handles, Produced from 1939-1944 hey

#4, Bean Pot Shape, 4-quart, open handles, hand decorated., Produced from 1939-1944 hey

#5, Bean Pot Shape, 6-pint, open handles, hand decorated., Produced in 1939 hey

#6, Tilt Pitcher, cookie jar or beverage pitcher., Produced in 1939 hey

#7, Round Ball Shape, 6-pint, molded handles., Produced from 1939-1944 hey

#8, Mammy with Cauliflowers, hand decorated, basic white., Produced in 1939 hey

#10, Hillbilly Bear, Limited, Produced in the early 1940's hey

#15, Hobnail Pattern, round ball shape., Produced in 1940 hey

#18, Penguin, Called this in the catalogues., Produced in 1940-43 hey

#12, Concave Shape, hand decorated., Produced in 1942 hey

#16, Cookie Boy, Hand decorated in plain colors, Produced in 1944 hey

#17, Mammy, Originally made with lettering., Produced in 1944-47 hey

#19, Clown, Bust hand decorated, Produced in 1945-47 hey

#20, Elephant, With split trunk., Produced in 1945 hey

#21, Barrel Shape, Shape like Dutch Boy cookie jar, Produced in 1945 hey

#22, Bear, Cookie in vest., Produced in 1945. hey

#23, Turkey, Hand decorated in white or brown., Produced in 1945 hey

#25, Dutch Girl, round shape., Produced in 1946 hey

#26, Dutch Boy/Dutch Girl, barrel shape., Produced in 1946 hey

#28, Cylinder, block handles, half circle finial., Produced in 1946-1954 hey

#30, Square Jar, hand decorated, Produced in 1947 hey

#31, Hexagon Jar, square handles., Produced in 1947 hey

#33, Bunch of Bananas, , Produced 1948-52 hey

#34, Hobby Horse, hand decorated., Produced from 1948-53 hey

#36, Mother Goose, Hand Decorated., Produced 1948-52 hey

#20, Apple, Yellow or aqua., Produced in 1950-64 hey

#56, Two Kittens in a Basket, Made in 1950's, Produced in 1950's hey

#18, Pear, Basic yellow or aqua., Produced 1952-57 hey

#38, Owls, Mr. and Mrs. Owl, Produced 1952-55 hey

#37, Decorated Honey Bear, On the side of a tree., Produced 1953-55 hey

#40, Clown, In barrel., Produced 1953-55 hey

#41, Elephant, All of trunk on lid., Produced in 1953 hey

#24, Kittens on Ball of Yarn, Three little kittens., Produced 1954-55 hey

#50, Indian, First models made for Pontiac Motors, Produced from 1954-56 hey

#50, The Original Pontiac Indian, , Produced from 1954 , I think ? hey

#52, Pineapple, Natural Colors, Produced 1955-57 hey

#53, Pumpkin, Jack-o-Lantern, Produced 1955 hey

#54, Strawberry, Red with white drip glaze with green cover., Produced from 1955-57 hey

#20, Apple, Red with gold leaf., Produced in 1956-57 hey

#55, Rooster, Introduced in 1956 with brown blend., Produced in 1956-58 hey

#97, Stage Coach, hand decorated., Produced in 1956 hey

#126, Kitten on Basketweave, White cover with pink base., Produced from 1956-59 hey

#127, Lamb on Basketweave, Brown cover with brown base., Produced 1956-57 hey

#128, Dog on basketweave, Black cover, with black cover., Produced in 1956 and 1957 hey

#129, Duck on Basketweave, Yellow cover with yellow base, Produced in 1956 hey

#132, Humpty Dumpty, Huxford lists it as #132, Produced around 1956? hey

#136, Cookie Cabin, Ivory with brown., Produced 1956-60 hey

#137, Teepee, Hand decorated, Produced 1956-59 hey

#138, Floral Cookie Jar, Plain oval shape., Produced 1956-57 hey

#133, Pine Cones on Basket weave, , Produced in 1957 hey

#134, Apples on Basket weave, , Produced in 1957 hey

#135, Pears on Basket weave, , Produced in 1957 hey

#140, Davy Crockett, Hand decorated., Produced in 1957 hey

#139, Hen on Nest, Brown hen and yellow nest., Produced 1958-59 hey

#143, Lollipops, White with hand-painted lollipops., Produced from 1958-60 hey

#144, Jug (Cookie Jug), Two sizes., Produced 1958-70 hey

#145, Modern, white with red "Cookies", Produced in 1958 hey

#147, Barrel, "Cookies" sign on front., Produced 1958-68 hey

#151, Cookie House, , Produced 1958-60 hey

#153, Wren House, "Two Colors", Produced 1958-60 hey

#155, Tulip, "Flower Pot Shape", Produced 1958-59 hey

#156, Corn, "Ear of Corn", Produced 1958-59 hey

#174, Christmas Tree, Hand decorated., Produced in 1959. hey

#148, Covered Wagon, "Cookies Wagon", Produced 1960-61 hey

#170, Drum, , Produced 1960 hey

#171, Kookie Kettle, , Produced 1960-77 hey

#172, Chipmunk, , Produced 1960-61 hey

#173, Globe, Aqua, Produced 1960-63 hey

#175, Animal Crackers, , Produced in 1960 hey

#28, Wheat on Mother of Pearl Glaze, , Produced in 1961 hey

#28, Amberware Finish, Brown jar, yellow "Cookies", Produced in 1961 hey

#157, Fruit in Basket, "Bushel Basket", Produced in 1961 hey

#158, Gingerbread Boy, "On barrel shape", Produced in 1961 hey

#207, McCoy Train Engine Cookie Jars, , Produced in 1962-64 hey

#146, Barrel, "Cookies" sign on front., Produced 1969-72 hey

#145, Cookie Jug, New design, Produced 1971-78 hey

#148, Bear, "Hamm's Bear", Produced 1972 hey

#150, Pig, "Winking Pig", Produced 1972 hey

#151, Rag Doll, "Raggedy Ann", Produced 1972-75 hey

#152, Barnum's Animals, "Nabisco Wagon", Produced 1972-73 hey

#153, W.C. Fields, "Snack Jar", Produced in 1972-1974 hey

#154, Early American Milk Can, , Produced 1972-74 hey

#156, Canister, "Flower Burst", Produced 1972-73 hey

#157, Pepper, , Produced 1972-80 hey

#158, Burlap Bag, "Two different covers", Produced 1972-77 hey

#159, Grandma, "Granny", Produced 1972-75 hey

#141, Panda Bear, , Produced in 1978 hey

#142, Bear and Barrel, Hand decorated., Produced in 1978. hey

#143, Bear and Beehive, Hand decorated, Produced 1983-1987

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