About Brush McCoy Pottery
The pottery lines and images contained herein are limited to the "Brush-McCoy Pottery Company" only, as "Brush Pottery Co." was no longer a McCoy company. In fact in April of 1910, about the time J.W. McCoy and George Brush were moving towards "Brush-McCoy", J.W. McCoy's son Nelson, together with his father, $5000.00 in cash and the help of shareholders J.B. Owens, G.E. Turner, E.E. Pletcher, Charles Rhinerbarger and Isaac Klinger, formed The Nelson McCoy Sanitary and Stoneware Company.

Brush-McCoy Marks

Most of the early J.W. McCoy pottery, Brush McCoy, was not marked. Some items have only an impressed shape or number.
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