Lost Glaze Line

About the Lost Glaze Line

Lost Glaze was not really a line at all.  Its just a name that collectors have come to use to describe this exquisite line of pottery whose formula was lost in a devastating fire late in the evening of March 17th, 1950.  Sadly the forumla was never again duplicated, hence the name "Lost Glaze".  The fire which destroyed the entire manufacturing portion of the pottery ushered in a new era in pottery production.

Rather than rebuilding, McCoy started anew from the ground up with modern equipment and a modernized casting process. Full producting post fire took nearly 18 months. The fire, rebuilding and production delays could not have come at a more appropirate time as there was a boom for pottery in the 1950's.

A fire that year destroyed the entire manufacturing portion of the pottery. It was decided that rather than just rebuild, the pottery would begin anew with all new and modern equipment. It is believed that the casting process was emphasized in the modernization.

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