Western El Rancho Line

About the Western El Rancho Line

The El Rancho Line dates from 1960.  El Rancho, the predecessor to the Western Wear Line of Pottery was comprised for serving items.  El Rancho included serving trays (Serv-all), Coffee Servers, Candle Warmers, and mugs all centered around a western theme.

A 1960's advertisement from the El Rancho Catalog describes the line as follows:

"EL RANCHO will serve equally well when you sit down at home on the patio, den or living room. Beautifully hand decorated in ivory and saddle brown oven-proof pottery, the muted tones blend artfully with any decor, indoors or outdoors." Originally McCoy advertised the line stating: "THE IDEAL SERVICE TO RUSTLE UP THE GRUB FOR CHILDREN, TEENAGERS, AND GROWN-UPS."

Western El Rancho Line Listing

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